Injecting Scientific Expertise in a Lifestyle Positioning


The challenge

PARA’KITO is the leader in innovative botanical mosquito solutions. The brand has built a global presence over the past 10 years and is now present in 35,000 points of sale worldwide. Its best-selling and iconic product is a colorful neoprene wristband that stands for PARA'KITO's lifestyle positioning, a sheer contrast with pharmacies’ traditional environment.


The Solution

After the recent extension to more complex and technical categories, PARA'KITO asked us to examine the brand and fine-tune its platform before defining a new set of visual merchandising solutions. We conducted a global brand audit and retail audit across Europe, the US, Japan, Australia… to help the founders take a step back. We formulated strategic recommendations focused on injecting scientific expertise in the brand messaging. With this adjustment in place we defined new brand activation rules and designed a new set of displays that were implemented globally.


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