Our branding process

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Market Research

We scope your category, map your competition and profile your target audience.

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Brand Audit

We assess your brand, both internally & externally and identify growth opportunities.

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Brand Strategy

We formulate positioning scenarios, craft your value proposition and distil your promise.

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Vision & Mission

We define your purpose, chart your company values and encapsulate your mission statement.

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Naming & Tagline

We create and probe your brand name and slogan, both in English and Chinese.  

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Brand Identity

We develop a ‘face’ to your brand and a personality that is sincere and relatable.



We define and prioritise your key-messages and bring your story to the world.

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Consumer Journey

We map your touchpoints and create immersive journeys, both online and offline.


Our design process


logo & visual identity

We craft your logo and develop your visual identity system and brand assets.


Packaging & Print

We design your packaging and collaterals from brochures to adverts or press releases.

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Marketing Campaign

We shape immersive campaigns and experiences across all your consumer touchpoints.

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Digital Content

We create digital and social strategies and content plans that bring your brand to life.

design-website design.png

Website Design

We develop the front end of your sites from the look & feel to the architecture and navigation.  



We develop your brand aesthetics across photo, video, illustration and motion design.

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Visual Merchandising

We conceptualise and stage experiential and sensorial displays and showcases.

design-retail design.png

Retail Design

We create your retail architecture and develop immersive consumer experiences.

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