Haut Charme

Bringing a New Brand to Life through Visual Identity and Store Design

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The challenge

HAUT CHARME is a luxury brand established in 2015, specialising in the finest, tailor-made fur coats.

The company was founded in Hong Kong by two passionate business women with more than twenty years expertise in the fur industry. With a focus on women, the brand caters to the international elite consumer, looking for fashionable fur creations with customised tailoring and features. HAUT CHARME commissioned us to create the brand from scratch in view of opening its first flagship store at Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.


The Solution

Taking over the marketing, we mapped the luxury fur category and defined a unique lifestyle positioning. We then created an exclusive visual identity system and brand introduction materials for buyers presentations. Finally we designed and outfitted the first flagship store of the brand, located at prestigious Peninsula Hotel.


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